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Coaching for a Media Interview

Are you the spokesperson for your company or the owner of a firm that is in the public eye for some reason? Whatever it may be, you may be the person that TV and radio stations will want to talk to and interview. However, if you have not been interviewed in this manner before, you may find yourself in a stressful state and some media interview coaching will go a long way in helping you get through the process.

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In order to handle an interview with media personnel, you need to have an understanding
of how they work and what they want to achieve in the discussion. You must also be clear on the message you wish to send out to those watching and listening.

The purpose of the Interview

There are many reasons a media company will want to interview a person, and they can be due to a positive situation or a negative situation, and in both instances, the interviewer would ask questions that are direct and complicated expecting the truth in return.

Positive Situations

In case you are being interviewed by media due to an achievement you or your company has had. Then you will not have problems in answering, but you must still be composed and think before answering. It is important that you are clear in your message and responses so those listening will understand you and it can, in fact, have a positive outcome for you as an individual and your company.

Crisis Situations

Though none of us would like it, there are times where you will have a personal problem or a negative situation at your company. If this situation has caught media attention, you will probably be interviewed if you are responsible or have been directly involved with the issue. In such circumstances, you must know to handle probing and complicated questions as your future and your companies standing may be at risk.

hand holding mic graphicSuch interviews call for you to be well composed and try to understand the goal of the person interviewing you. You must look at each question asked in various angles before giving a reply, and it is always prudent to be prepared with statistical data which is relevant to the topic that will be discussed.


If you are going to face an interview for whatever reason, you must be prepared. It is crucial that you learn the finer points so that you can be professional and answer all question correctly.

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Employee Motivation Through Appreciation Letters

Managing a successful business these days may seem intimidating. The competition is intense and numerous. To succeed, a business endeavor needs to stay ahead in the game, by any means necessary.Giving appreciation certificate can go a long way in ensuring companies maintain staff morale . Otherwise, it will fall into mediocrity performance, leading to loose of clients and no growth.

One of the critical aspects of every company, small or big, is the preservation of themen and women inside office maximum productivity and efficiency. Many factors are essential in this regard, but perhaps, the most important one would be employee satisfaction and motivation. Keeping employees happy and motivated means keeping the business going. However, business owners sometimes do not exactly know how to accomplish that.

How To Appreciate Employees

Employee Appreciation

The most popular and widely accepted and used way of showing employee appreciation include salary raises and various other benefits. These methods are also the most obvious ones. Pay your employees more, and they will work with higher efficiency. Provide them with retirement and health plans, holidays and vacations, and these incentives will motivate them to keep on working.

However, there are other, more subtle, yet equally effective ways of showing employee appreciation. One of them is employee motivation through appreciation letters. These letters will not only motivate them, but also strengthen their loyalty, thus preserving the core workforce of the company. Businesses that fail are usually the ones that are understaffed.

Show Appreciation With Letters

Letters caGolden fountain penn have a great impact on the recipient who receiving it. This also applies in the business world. To be effective appreciation letters need to be written in honesty and from the heart. They need to be meaningful and written in a style the employees will find familiar and sincere.

Things to Avoid

When writing appreciation letters and addressing them, it is important to avoid the copy and paste method of generic templates and the standard mass use them. Every letter needs to feel personal to make an employee special and valuable. Why is this important? Well, an employee that feels valuable and special is one who is loyal, dedicated and committed to work.

Remember people value recognition and appreciation letters provide an avenue for this to happen. Employees who receive such have a feel of merit; thus this improves morale and productivity in the business. Others may want to display them and show them off. It is important to have a regular practice of appreciating your staff to keep the team motivated, and this will also keep them focused on the goals of the company.