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Brown dog

Choosing the Right Crate for your Dog

If you have started the process of training your dog, then you should probably think about buying a dog crate too. Using heavy duty dog crates makes the process of training your dog easier and prevents the destructive habits that are common with many dogs. The problem in buying a dog crate is choosing the right crate for you.

There are many dog crates in the market, and this makes it confusing especially if you are a first-time buyer. It is important that you know the aspects to check before buying a crate for your dog.

Buying a dog crate

Heavy duty dog crate

A heavy duty dog crate is ideal for you if you have aGray dog crate strong and destructive dog. This type of dog crate is made using strong and heavy duty materials, and if your dog has the habit of chewing other crates, it won’t be able to chew this one.

This crate might not be appealing regarding look, but it will do the required job. It is also an ideal crate if you are planning to travel with your dog and it is acceptable to the airport.

Wire crate

A wire crate is a good option for people who live in areas where temperatures can get very high. This is the type of crate will allow you to monitor and see your dog during movement.

On the downside, some of the wire crates are so heavy, and it becomes difficult to move the crate around. Dogs that are good at escaping can always find a way to move away from the crate through the wires.

Plastic cratesWhite dog inside green dog crate

Plastic crates have more advantages over the wire crates because they make it more difficult for the dog to escape. An aggressive dog might chew the plastic crate, and this will only cause destruction. With a plastic crate, it becomes easier to travel with your dog because it is a bit lighter to carry around.

Cute crates

Just like the name suggests, cute dog crates are made with the good looks in mind. Cute crates are mostly made with furnished and polished wood to bring about the good appearance. Most of the cute crates are ideal for puppies because they are not destructive in nature. The good appearance makes them ideal for the home because of the clean polish and furnish.

Gold fish

How to take care of goldfish


Having a fish tank in your home can be a great addition to the aesthetics of the place and also give you some relaxation. People say that watching fish helps calm the nerves and also is good for those who are stressed. Many people like to keep goldfish in a small tank or bowl in their homes. However, there are many responsibilities that come with having them in your home. Let us have a look at a few of them. But first, let’s talk a little bit about goldfish.


These fish are normally found in freshwater and kinds of goldfish inside aquariumwere one of the first species to be domesticated and kept in homes. This breed was first kept in homes in China over a thousand years ago, and in fact, it is native to East Asia. These fish come in many sizes, body shapes, and colors. You will see orange, yellow, brown, white and even black. They are called goldfish because they have a shiny look which is due to the skin and their scales. They belong to the carp fish family but are only a small part of it.

How to take care of them

If you own a couple of these beautiful fish, you need to make sure they are taken care of correctly. Here are a few things you can do to make them live long.


It is important that you clean the tank or bowl that you have them in so that it does not get polluted and the water does not become murky. The tank should be well appointed without too many plants or obstructions. The fish need adequate space to swim about.

Gold fishFood

Make sure you feed your them on time and with the right food. Do not give the fish too much or too little. It is best to have set times and follow them. You can find quality fish food at shops that sell fish and aquariums.


Goldfish are a great distraction, and a nice tank or bowl will give your home a beautiful and elegant look. Make sure you take care of them, and they will be with your for a long time.

Girl carrying her kitten

How To Make Cats And Kids Get Along

Increase a new catlike member to your family to enhance your lives. Consider the following to ensure your children, you and your cat have a good relationship.

Opt For The Right Cat

Families should consider a cat that is at least six months and above which is friendlier. Don’t take cats that do not like to be taken care of and uneasy cats. Also keep away from cats that are unfriendly to people.

Get Properly Introduced

Boy facing brown cat on bedIt can be too thrilling for any kid to see a cat in their home, while it is normal for a cat to be anxious during its first days in you’re a new environment. So it is significant to maintain a balance amid the need for the kit to spend time alone adjust and your kid’s eagerness for bringing a cat. Give your cat a quiet and peaceful spot in your home. But it must not be in your child’s room if they are less ten years. Let the cat get used to the new environment slowly.

Safe Areas

It is vital for cats to be left to go to where they want to example upstairs or whether on the house top. Kids should know when to let the cat go whenever it wants to without being pulled away. Make sure your young babies not to get access to these spaces. You can let your kids comprehend why they should respect and follow rules when they are older.

Educate Your Kids

Teaching your children about cats’ behavior is very advantageous. Explain to them about the cat’s body language so as they can differentiate when the cats want time alone and they are happy. There are some handouts, books, and videos on these topics.

Observe Safety

A cat could protectively or accidentally scratch your kid when it is not correctly handled or chased. It is vital to trim your cat’s nails always and teach your children on how to deal with cats so as to avoid this incidence.

Don’t DisturbMother cat and her kittens in backyard

It is important for you to ensure your kids learn how not to upset the cat’s when it is on its territory whenever they are drinking, eating, or when sleeping and to stop disturbing the cat when using or approach the litter box.

Have Fun

Cleaning, feeding, playing with interactive toys, cleaning the litter box and others are among the things can partake in caring for cats. The cat and kid will then have this real kind of interaction.