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Guide To Cancel Your Spotify Premium Account

With multiple subscription packages, Spotify is one of the top ranking applications that lets the user play and stream their favorite music online. With a basic freemium business model, the primary package is free for all with the inclusion of some advertisements. There are different levels of the account based on the type of music a user wants to enjoy. It pays a part of royalty to artists according to the time their music is streamed online. Unlike other music applications, Spotify is one of the biggest ones with millions of online users. You can cancel it any time following these steps.

Cancel Your Spotify Premium Account

Step By Step

1. First, you need to log in your account.Phone and headset on table
2. Your account panel or user interface will open once you log in with ID and password.
3. On the left side of the user interface, you will find a label “subscription.”
4. The subscription is usually paid one. You will find a label of “Cancel Subscription” there. Just click on it, and you will be directed to a new window.
5. In this window, you will find some steps to cancel your paid or premium subscription.
6. It will ask for your password to confirm if you really want to cancel your subscription.
7. After the Guide To Cancel Your Spotify Premium Account, you will be returned to the free version.

You can use the free version to enjoy limited music.

Provided By Another Company

At times the Spotify Premium membership is provided by other companies or cellular networks. In such situation, it is preferred to call the support services of a particular company who has provided the premium account.

If you are getting charged for the account you have just canceled then there must be a billing date issue. In case the problem of billing prevails, one can find the “Manage your account & subscription” on Spotify support system.

Mobile premium subscription billing keeps happening if you have bought it from some other account of subscription. If your credit card is getting charged on every billing date, then make sure you have unsubscribed to all of the premium membership in accounts.


Spotify logoSpotify also lets their premium and free users to listen to music everywhere. The application is integrated with a personal computer, mobile, tablet, and gaming consoles. The best thing about this application is the availability of the latest music. It is a place where upcoming and famous artists can get the publicity of their talent. The application is also pre-installed on Apple iPhone, Android Phones, and Samsung.