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Types Of Sticker Printers

Sticker printers are some of the useful industrial innovations that are used to print labels and stickers for various purposes. A sticker printer will depend on the uniqueness and precision that is required. There are different of varieties of sticker printers that can be used for various designs and decorations. These printers are available online and even offline stores depending on your location. Sticker printers can be categorized into different groups depending on their physical characteristics and printing technique.

Sticker printers

Compact disc printersblack printer

CD printers are the ones that are used to print tags and stickers on compact discs. It uses both inkjet and thermal print techniques. It is specially designed to handle the discs without causing any scratches.

Commercial sticker printers

This is another type of sticker printers that is mainly used in cases where bulk production is required. It has the capabilities of printing some stickers at one go. They can be noisy during printing even though they are known to do quality production.

Desktop sticker printers

They are the most common types of sticker printers. Desktop printers are mainly used to serve office purposes. They are more affordable compared to most sticker printers. They are less noisy and very efficient. They can be used for both bulk and small-scale printing.

Handheld sticker printers

The handheld printers are mainly used for domestic purposes. They are light in weight and therefore one can easily move around with them. They are ideal for printing tags for storage bottles, cans, and boxes. They are quite cheap and readily available in stores.

Industrial black and gray printersticker printers

This type of printer is mainly used in warehouses, factories and distribution centers to label boxes containing different types of goods or sizes of a given commodity. The portable industrial printers have been widely used in the construction, telecommunication and electrical fields to for permanent labels of cabinets, panels, terminated wires and such like things. They are wireless and have rechargeable batteries. This means that they can be used in remote areas where there is no power.

Garment sticker printers

Garment printers are a unique type of printers that are used for printing labels on clothes. They are used to do a lot of unique designs that may be needed by clients. This equipment is durable and also very efficient. The easy operating procedures make it user-friendly.