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Functions Of A Miter Saw

Also referred to as a drop saw. This device is used to drill accurate cuts on wood. Popular Power Tools Miter Saws create accurate crosscuts at a selected angle on a workpiece. The machine produces the cuts with the help of a blade that rotates in a spinning direction. A large percentage of miter saws are small making them easily portable.

There are many types of power drop saws. The difference arises with the size of blades. Blade sizes range from eight to twelve inches. Bigger blades make deeper, wider and maximum cuts.

Miter saws also differ, with how the blade rotates. This results into two different miter saws, which include a basic miter saw (also known as both swings), and a sliding miter saw also known as slides. Sliding saws action leads to wider boards compared to both swings. Primarily, both swings are used for cutting crown molding.

Functions of Miter Saws


This is a necessity in the construction process it involves fitperson marking piece of woodting various pieces to give support and shape to a structure. Wood and steel are the common materials used for framing. There are two main broad categories of building framing. These are heavy frame construction and light frame construction. The latter involves the use of supports that are vast and many while the former is when vertical supports used are scarce and massive.


This is when transitions between surfaces covered are with various profiles for decoration or other purposes. Solid milled wood, plastic or reformed wood can be used for this purpose. Miter saws are useful for shaping the various stripes or apply pigments.

Features of Power Miter Saws

With the functions of miter saws highlighted above, this device needs to have unique features to facilitate its services.
• A laser guide two men cutting plyboardis installed, which is essential in providing an accurate visual indication of where the blade should cut.
• Blade guards are also necessary to protect the edges. They automatically retract the blade upon lowering the saw onto a workpiece. They also recover the blade when the blade is elevated.
• A dust bag as the name suggests, helps collects the sawdust from the workpiece. Poor collection of dust can be a health hazard.
• Before making a cut, a safety clamp helps in locking the workpiece into position. Workpieces are placed on a miter table to ease your work.

Ensure to have your protective gear on as you use the equipment. Check that the feature and verify that they have been placed well to ensure smooth working as you use the Miter Saw.