Time Management

Mistakes You Must Avoid In Managing Your Time

It is important to know why some people find it difficult to get things done while other people seem to achieve, yet we have they have the same amount of hours. The best thing to do is to avoid the common mistakes in managing time.

Not Being Realisticclock

Being unrealistic is the first mistake people often make. Several individuals prosper on having an extensive list of things to do and crossing items off the list. The worry is that this need to have a lengthy list of lots of things to cross off can drive to unrealistic expectations being set. As you present your daily, weekly or monthly schedule, critically review it and check out how practical it is. If you are unrealistic, change it.

Being Unprepared

Are you an individual who just lacks a structure or not prepared or are you the kind of person who makes time ahead of appraisals, meetings, scheduled events and other presentations. It consumes a lot of time both for you and other individuals if you do not prepare for registered events resulting them to take long than they should. Make it a duty to get ready in advance for scheduled events and meetings.

Being Interrupted Constantly

Managers speak about the open door policy so that they can be seen as accessible. You won’t get things done as individuals may always interrupt you randomly if this trait is not correctly managed though it is a good policy. It is important to try and set up the time you are available so as to avoid many interruptions.

Being Unwilling To Say No

scheduleWe all like to be supportive, contribute and be helpful as much as we can. If we are not particular, it is all too simple to volunteer for everything that comes up without weighing the impact. Individuals may hate it in the beginning when you say no but will rather you do so rather than saying yes and miss to deliver. Get satisfied with saying no and admitting when you are all fully committed.

Wanting To Please Everybody

You may want to make everybody feel happy by agreeing to anything they say or want, so it becomes difficult to say no. Some persons want to satisfy everyone and who would not want to this. People feel let down when you don’t deliver, and they are pleased when you do. Focus on your priorities and assist others if you are able rather than trying to please everybody.