Chef Knives How to Select Chef Knives on the internet

It’s probably been said before that you should visit the store to test out different knives for your kitchen before you purchase one. However, maybe it’s the last minute and you’re planning a holiday feast and you just can’t go back to a cheap-o chef knife, or maybe you’re far enough from a kitchen knife store to justify the effort, or maybe you just aren’t looking forward to dealing with an annoying sales person. It’s okay, it’s normal.

If you’re planning to purchase a chef’s knife online, here are some suggestions!

1. Check out the knife’s picture and notice the handle. Does it feel well-made? Be aware of sharp edges. These can cause calluses and even damage the skin. If you are unable to tell which part will be painful and you happen to get the wrong knife, or one with corners that feel uncomfortable You can sand them down later. Simply wrap the knife’s blade with cardboard or thick cloth, lock it blade-wise into an apron and sand the corners. It may not look very attractive, but it’ll at least not get cut or cut onto your hands!

2. Nowis the time to check the numbers. Find out the knife’s weight. How much do you want it to weigh? This is a matter of personal preference. A light knife is not always a good choice for hands with small hands, however it’s the most popular choice for arthritis-prone fingers. So if you have a few kitchen knives already or perhaps some larger steak knives, place them in your hands, even slice up mushroom or cucumbers and consider what weight you’d prefer to use . A heavy knife will typically weigh around one pound, whereas a lighter knife will usually weigh around half a pounds. You’ll be unable to locate the weight of your knife even if you don’t know the location it’s. Japanese knives are lighter than German knives.


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