How to improve your Chess Game

It is wrong to believe that playing chess, unless you achieve a certain standard of recognition, is a gift from God. The ‘cognizable benchmark’ is a standard that allows you to recognize the positive and negative aspects of the game. It does not allow you to make any decisions about how to improve your game. It is, without doubt, a game that requires superior intelligence. Visit our website and learn more about online chess lessons.

These basic requirements include the ability and willingness to keep your mind alert, as well as the ability think about the future and make decisions. While talent can’t be developed by only working hard, if you have some you can definitely bone it. Don’t forget the age-old rule that genius is five-percent inspiration and ninety percent perspiration. The element of talent is not something that can be completely deprived of. It’s only when we give up on our potential to make it better that we fall behind others who do. This is our intention with this article.

Sometimes talents will wither if they don’t have the right kind or guidance. These people don’t know what to do to properly fertilize and irrigate the talent. Chess, like all other disciplines, requires unwavering dedication. Most young boys don’t know how to make the most of their time, even if they have the potential. Use these guidelines to become a good player of chess.

1. Chess-books & Magazines

After you have played some games, take the time to read the book. Play more games and then you can start reading the book. Each time you take in a new point, it will make you more aware of things that were previously difficult or that you didn’t understand.

It is not necessary to play opponents in order to improve. Instead, you can play over annotated games. Play one side’s move (usually the winning side) and consider every move before looking.

If you are looking to improve your play quickly, make sure to write down all moves in your games. This does not include the competitive game. Because loose score-sheets can be lost easily, it’s best to keep them in chess scoring books. Then, you can play each game and take notes. The grandmaster was able to quickly improve his chess skills and become proficient in no time. It is amazing how much more clear the game becomes when you compare what happened the first time with what happens the second time. You become your own coach. It is possible to improve your game and coach skills by submitting your comments.


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