Set Up An In-house Laundry Operation

If you own a small business that requires laundered uniforms daily rotaryana, or a hotel that has experienced rapid growth, it may be time to stop using commercial laundry services and start your own.

A small, in-house laundry can be set up in no time. While you need to consider the initial costs of purchasing laundry equipment, there are many financing options available from equipment suppliers.

Additionally, all suppliers offer leased equipment which may mean a minimal capital outlay. Your only initial expense will be for decorating the laundry area and installing the ventilation and utilities. Other considerations when opening an in-house laundry include staffing and training. If you manage a hotel, this will not be an issue since staff can often move to other jobs to ensure the laundry is available 24 hours a days. Night staff can be co-opted to help in the laundry during the quiet hours of the night.


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